1953 Chevrolet

Offenhauser Six Cylinder Intake Manifolds

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Fred Offenhauser was a racing engines manufacturer that operated from 1933 to 1983. From 1934 through 1960 the Offenhauser engine dominated American open wheel racing, winning the Indianapolis 500 24 times.

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In the early 1950s Fred Offenhauser and Company also manufactured dual and triple intake manifolds, dual exhaust manifolds and valve covers for Chevrolet's old stove bolt Blue Flame 6 cylinder engine.

Dual and triple Offenhauser manifolds provide increase power, economical operation and a smother, better balanced engine when combined with a high lift cam and dual exhaust on your Blue Flame 235 engine. Dress up your engine compartment with a Offenhauser model 1036 valve cover. They have special finned top, cast aluminum alloy and highly polished for added beauty.

Offenhauser 6 Cylinder Dual Carburetor Intake Manifold
Offenhauser 6 Cylinder Dual Carburetor Intake Manifold

These Offenhauser Dual Carburetor intake manifolds are reproductions of the 1950s version. Made of a high grade aluminum alloy. Look for model 1035.

Offenhauser 6 Cylinder Triple Carburetor Intake Manifold
Offenhauser 6 Cylinder Triple Carburetor Intake Manifold

This triple carburetor intake manifolds will fit your Chevrolet 235 Cubic Inch Blue Flame six cylinder and come with a linkage kit. The Offenhauser Carburetor linkage kit operates all three carburetor at the same time. Look for model 1409.

Video of a red flames 1953 Chevrolet Bel Air custom with a Blue Flame six cylinder that has a dual carburetor Offenhauser intake and dual exhaust manifold. Transmission is a M20 4 speed manual out of a 1967 GTO. Original first year power steering option. This 1953 Chevy has a 3 inch chopped top and a rare continental kit wheel carrier.

Vintage Offenhauser Racing Decal
Vintage Offenhauser Racing Decal

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    Vintage Offenhauser Decal

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