1953 Chevrolet Body Colors

1953 Chevrolet Cars For Sale

1953 Chevrolet Body Colors – Why were so many people buying the 1953 Chevrolet One Fifty, Two Ten, Bel Air and a great line up of Station Wagons than any other car? They appreciated the “Body by Fisher” and only Chevrolet offered so many new exterior paint choices in the low priced field. Quality choices which were usually found only on America’s highest priced cars. On the new 1953 Chevy “Fashion First” body, Chevrolet offered 14 different solid colors, slightly down from the 1952 production year of 13.

Two tone color combinations amounted to 11 down from 14 the previous year. Why Chevrolet’s eye-catching good looks wear so well and last so long! said one 1953 Chevrolet advertising describing there new line up of paint colors. That’s why Chevrolet stands out so distinctively! said another.

1953 Chevrolet Body colors
1953 Chevrolet Colors

1953 Chevrolet Body Colors – Solid Colors For The 1953 Chevrolet

  • Mayland Black
  • Driftwood Gray
  • Dusk Gray
  • Surf Green
  • Woodland Green
  • Regatta Blue
  • Horizon Blue
  • Sahara Beige
  • Madeira Maroon
  • Target Red
  • Campus Cream
  • Sungold
  • Saddle Brown
  • India Ivory

1953 Chevrolet Two-Tone Combinations

  • Dusk Gray / Driftwood Gray
  • Woodland Green / Surf Green
  • Regatta Blue / Horizon Blue
  • India Ivory / Horizon Blue
  • India Ivory / Regatta Blue
  • Campus Cream / Woodland Green
  • Woodland Green / Campus Cream
  • Saddle Brown / Sahara Beige
  • Sahara Beige / Saddle Brown
  • India Ivory / Sungold
  • Target Red / India Ivory

To help identify the 1953 Belaire series Chevrolet added a double molding along the rear fender with the name Bel Air and a Chevy crest attached. The double molding insert were usually painted India Ivory or a color that matched two tone models.

1953 Chevrolet
1953 Chevrolet

1953 Chevrolet Corvette
1953 Chevrolet Corvette

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