1953 Chevy 210 Sport Coupe

1953 Chevrolet 210 For Sale

1953 Chevy 210 Sport Coupe – The 1953 Chevrolet with all it’s finer qualities was the lowest priced line in the low priced field. A 1953 Chevy 210 Sport Coupe cost $1726.00 and a Bel Air Sport Coupe cost $2051.00 in 1953.

The Bel Air Sport Coupe out sold the Two-Ten Sport Coupe nearly 4 to 1 in spite of costing over $300.00 more. How does Chevrolet find out what you want? “Simply By Asking” this ad indicated.

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1953 Chevy 210 Sport Coupe
Vintage 1953 Chevrolet Two-Ten Sport Coupe Advertising

1953 Chevrolet Advertising
1953 Chevrolet Advertisement